5/1/20 11:00 am

Hello Campers!  Time for an update!  And time for some simple clarification with regards to our status and reservations.   Ready?

1)  The following guidelines are in place for RV Parks in Mono County:

A)  Short term (less than 30 days) reservations are not allowed by Mono County until after 5/31/20.  Yes, that date can change for the better or worse.

B)  Long term (30 days or more) reservations are allowed. (My added rule is you are allowed  in the Park only if you are willing to abide by the CDC guidelines.) 

2)  I have stopped taking any further reservations for May until the Short term restrictions are lifted, this includes reservations for Memorial Day Weekend.  

3)  Any standing reservations for May, including Memorial Day Weekend, maybe be cancelled if the Short Term restrictions are not lifted.

4)  Reservations for June thru the end of the season are currently not affected.

5)  Fishing season IS OPEN at Topaz Lake.

I'm sure that y'all are ready to get out! When our lives are allowed to reopen, Topaz Lake RV Park will be waiting for you!

4/16/20: 12:00 pm

Hello Campers!  I've got a few clarifications....  A) According to new County orders, I will no longer be allowing (1) one night stays for "overniters" until at least through May 31st, 2020 unless this date is modified for the better or worse. I am hoping that this date will be earlier, especially for my Memorial Day Customers.  B) Any action by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to delay opening fishing season in Mono County currently 

DOES NOT affect Topaz Lake fishing.  

Stay well!  This will be over soon, and the lake will be waiting for you....and apparently the fish, too.

4/11/20: 10:45 am

Hello Campers! There is a rumor spreading that the California Department of Fish & Wildlife has shut down fishing in California.  That is not true.  In actuality, the California Fish & Game Commission is considering  an "emergency regulation authorizing the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to temporarily suspend, delay, or restrict sport and recreational fishing in specific areas within the state when necessary to protect public health from the threat posed by COVID-19." Fishing season opens in California on 4/25/2020.  

You may read the article HERE.  

If, if, if that were to happen, I do not know if a delay would affect Topaz Lake fishing as it is a bi-state lake (CA & NV) and the 2020 fishing season is already open at Topaz Lake.  My thoughts are that in order to fully suspend or restrict fishing at Topaz Lake (CA) the State of Nevada and/or Douglas County, NV would have to suspend or restrict fishing, too.  

Either way, if there is any change in the 2020 fishing season in California, I will confirm how this affects Topaz Lake fishing and report it here! 

Again, stay well.  Warmer days are coming.  

4/9/20:  12:15 pm

Hello Campers.  I just wanted to  clarify one things with regards to reservations.  The Short Term reservations beginning in June to the end of the season, October, are not affected in any way at this time.

Take care of yourselves and remember that you are not stuck at home, 

you are safe at home.

4/4/20: 9:45 am:

Well, as per the new norm, information is changing on a daily basis for all of us, including Topaz Lake RV Park.  As per County orders, they have extended the restrictions on Short Term Rentals out to 5/31/20.  So, by the County orders, we are not allowed to accept Short Term Rental customers, unless essentially necessary for a variety of reasons with regards to the Covid-19 virus.  However, at this time, the State of California order to "stay-at-home" is through 4/30/20.  So, CURRENTLY, as of today, I have decided to take Short Term reservations only for the month of May, with the possibility of cancelling if Mono County does not change their restrictions.  As far as accepting long term customers after 4/30/20, that will depend on the State of California.   

Is that clear as mud?  

I'm sure I will be back here sooner than later....  

Continue to take care of yourselves.

I look forward to seeing all as soon as possible.

4/3/20:  1:30 pm:

Further information has been provided by Mono County with regards to Long Term Customers.  As an RV Park we are allowed to accept Long Term Customers (30 nights or greater),  but everyone needs to remember that we are to be self-isolating and not traveling unless essentially necessary.  With that in mind we will allow our Long Term Customers currently in the Park to stay, and they will practice the required CDC protocol.  With exception to full-time RVer's and overnite customers, we are not accepting any further reservations that would begin in the month of April, 2020.  Please take care of yourselves.

3/24/20: 11:30 am:

We have been informed that Mono County Health Dept has restricted all short term rentals of less than 30 nights throughout the entire County, including RV Parks among other types of lodging facilities.  This restriction is expected to last until at least 4/30/2020. 

Topaz Lake RV Park will remain open for our Long Term Customers, staying 30 nights  or longer.  We are currently not taking reservations for anytime in April for less than 30 days from now until 4/30/20. However, as stated below, there are RV travelers trying to make their way home.  We will  continue to accommodate unreserved one (1) night 'overniters' until further notice.  

Please note that our restroom facilities and store will remain closed for use until further notice.  Also, we will modify our office use, but still be able to serve our customers.  

Stay well, and know that we appreciate you all very much!

3/22/2020, 11:30 am:

Topaz Lake RV Park remains open with self-imposed limitations.  We have closed our public facilities until further notice and caution our customers to take the appropriate steps to protect themselves and others.

3/20/2020,10:30 am:  

We are currently seeking information from Mono County & the State of California for the  current operational guidelines or suspension of our business based on recent County and State orders.  Please return here for updates.  

We are aware that there are current travelers trying to return to their homes in California or to another state.   We will do our best, with the knowledge at hand, to accommodate overnight guests.  

Please call our office at (530) 495-2357 to determine accommodations. 

We will all get through this with patience and kindness.  

To all of our customers, take care of yourselves.